Helping you win and manage more public sector business

Our Consultancy Services

Bid Consultancy Support

Apta Bid Consultancy Support Services are designed to give you the assistance and support you need to improve your chances of bid success. We provide guidance and support throughout every stage of the tender process, and have years of experience in public sector buying. Speak to our experts today to get started.

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Procurement Services

Let's face it. It is time for procurement functions to shine by engaging the business in strategic conversations, about how the supply chain can be optimised. Our Trusted Advisor Procurement Specialists are committed to helping you to improve your procurement function so that it is compliant, sustainable and bringing the most value to your business.

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Contract Management

Winning a contract is just the start. When expectations are so high, you need to be sure you can deliver to the highest standard possible. Apta Contract Management Services are designed to give you support and guidance during every stage of the contract lifecycle. This will help to ensure every contract is delivered on time, on budget and to the buyer’s specification.

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Helping clients to build strong relationships and compelling winning bids

Whether you are just embarking on the tender bidding process, or you are seasoned in winning bids and managing contracts, Apta Consultancy offers a range of services designed to ensure you continue to achieve results and deliver services that boost your reputation and profits.

Become more competitive and profitable

Our key objective is to help our clients to structure compelling winning bids, get excellent value from their procurement function and manage contracts effectively throughout their duration. Whether you need to submit a winning bid, get the best value for money from third party suppliers or you need assistance with contract administration, we can help.

We will help you to:

  • Improve bid win rates
  • Grow your customer base
  • Increase revenues and profitability
  • Improve your contract retention rate
  • Enhance and protect your reputation

With you every step of the way from proposal to contract completion

Thanks to our years of independent professional procurement and commercial expertise, we are able to help our clients to achieve successful results. We do this by continually looking at new and innovative ways to improve processes - ways that will help you to drive down costs and leap ahead of your competitors.

Most importantly, we understand the most common reasons why bids fail, and we can help you to avoid these pitfalls when tendering for public sector contracts. By supporting you throughout the bidding process we will significantly improve your chances of submitting a winning bid.

However, winning a contract is only the start of the story. We will help you to ensure you complete the contract on time, on budget and to the exact requirements of your buyer. Our procurement and contract management services will help you to streamline procurement processes and manage contracts effectively.

Boost your profits and your reputation by engaging the services of an Apta Consultancy expert today. Speak to our specialists now on 07505 672419 or use our contact form.