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Get more out of your consultancy budget.

I know what your thinking! "If i don't know what the price is to start with, then 50% saving means nothing to me"

Well here at Apta we believe in price transparency. Our man-day rates are published on our website, so you can determine if our services fall within your budget parameters.

So here is the deal for new clients who may want to engage with us this year. So long as you sign up via a purchase order in January 2017, then our discount offer will remain valid. i.e If you want to retain us for 10 days but have the option to call these days off post January then the discount will still apply.



Happy New Year from Apta and we look forward to engaging with new clients this year.

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Pre-Qualification Questionnaire is replaced with a Standard Selection Questionnaire. 

The standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) is to replace the current standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire with immediate effect. This new SQ aims to simplify the supplier selection process for businesses, in particular smaller firms, across the public sector. In developing the SQ the opportunity has been taken to make the questionnaire compliant with the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), and amended the rules on the selection of suppliers.


Here at Apta we can assist you in familiarising yourselves with the new process and to ensure that you submit a fully compliant SQ when seeking opportunities in the bidding process for public sector bid opportunities.


Contact us if you would like to know more more or discuss how we can support you in creating a winning bid.

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Congratulations VFS

Having identified this opportunity, we are delighted to have assisted VFS Global in submitting a successful submission.

The two categories that VFS Global are shortlisted for are:

  • Public Sector Outsourcing Project of the Year and
  • Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year

full details can be found by clicking on this link: NOA Shortlist Announcement.

Apta Consultancy look forward to attending the final awards ceremony with VFS Global, where the winners will be announced on Thursday the 19th November 2015 at the 5 star Landmark Hotel, London.

Editors Notes: The National Outsourcing Association Awards (NOAAs) now it its twelfth year, recognises and celebrates the efforts of companies who have demonstrated best-practice in outsourcing.

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At Apta Consultancy we can help you to improve your company’s chances of success (for public sector business wins) by making sure you have a good understanding of:

  1. the processes and practices used by CCS when tendering;
  2. the legislative frameworks (Public Contracts Regulations 2015) within which public authorities must act;
  3. the criteria against which your tender will be evaluated;
  4. how to present the information so as to articulate a  quality Customer Value Proposition to the buyer within your ITT submission;
  5. how to Identify your differentiators and develop your win theme messages;
  6. the government’s sustainability requirements. 

Make sure you give yourself the best chance of winning - speak to Apta today


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