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APTA Consultancy appreciate how budget constraints have impacted the public and private sector markets, when it comes to engaging external resources to support their tendering and bidding process.

As such its no surprise that organisations are becoming more and more dependant on utilising there own internal resources, but only too often this can lead to a detrimental effect on your business. For example:

  • Public Sector contract complaints are on the rise
  • Your success rate is dropping because your bidding for the sake of bidding i.e Your really not bidding to WIN! 
  • The internal resources that you are using all have operational day jobs today, so they haven't got time to undertake such business opportunities - its just another chore for them and this will start to impact staff morale!

However, there will always be a need for subject matter expertise where such knowledge and information does not exist in the organisation and where such resource is needed for a finite period. The importance of striking the right balance in terms of the buyer and the seller agreeing a fair price - what the buyer considers affordable in return for the appropriate skills offered by the seller is becoming more and more important to a successful relationship.

Apta Consultancy has therefore taken a decision to publish its rate card so that buyers have full price transparency for the  services that Apta Consultancy has to offer. This allows buyers to determine very quickly if these rates full within there budget before embarking on any discussions with us in order to determine if Apta Consultancy are the right supplier for your organisation.

Our Price transparency rates are therefore as follows:





Daily Rate

Services (excluding Independent Reviews)

1 – 5 days max


6 – 29 days max*


Independent Review of Bid

1 – 3 days



Hourly Rate

Strategic Advise/Discussion by Telephone.

45 – 60 mins




The above rates are based on a 7.5 hour day and are inclusive of travel costs within the Central London and M25 radius
* For assignments of 30 days or more Apta Consultancy would recommend that you consider exploring the contingent contract labour market for interims as apposed to using a consultancy service.

Overseas assignments are subject to discussion.
All rates are exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.

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