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The support and donations that I have received for this fundraising has been absolutely fantastic. With only 8 weeks to go before I set off to Cambodia the target has almost been reached. 

Collectively we have hit 89% of the target required (which is an amazing £3,397.61) so I need one final push from my network to support this great cause. With every single penny you donate now, means 100% of your donation goes straight to Macmillan.   

Whats more amazing is that the Group of 35 (who i will only get to know on the day of travel at Heathrow Airport) have collectively raised £119,595

This could already pay for a Macmillan nurse for over two years.

Please make a donation - not matter how small through:

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Congratulations VFS

Having identified this opportunity, we are delighted to have assisted VFS Global in submitting a successful submission.

The two categories that VFS Global are shortlisted for are:

  • Public Sector Outsourcing Project of the Year and
  • Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year

full details can be found by clicking on this link: NOA Shortlist Announcement.

Apta Consultancy look forward to attending the final awards ceremony with VFS Global, where the winners will be announced on Thursday the 19th November 2015 at the 5 star Landmark Hotel, London.

Editors Notes: The National Outsourcing Association Awards (NOAAs) now it its twelfth year, recognises and celebrates the efforts of companies who have demonstrated best-practice in outsourcing.

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US technology provider CSC looks to have acquired Fixnetix, a UK trading technology group, in order to make strides in the high-speed trading and data services markets.

CSC and Fixnetix will both continue with plans to develop an array of services targeting banks and brokers, such as high-speed trading and a variety of other IT services. Both businesses see this as a lucrative market, with many banks looking to make the switch from trading over the phone to trading electronically.

 According to speculation in the FT, the acquisition may have cost CSC just over $100 million.

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So summer has finally arrived, its time to chill from work, enjoy the sunshine, Wimbledon, or perhaps get on a sun-bed or take a nice city break.

Well all you need to know is where to find the cities that have the cheapest beer in the world!

Thx to our monthly addition of supply management, which dropped on our door this morning, we can share the information with you so that you get more beers for less money!

According to the beer price index, Krakow in Poland and Kiev in Ukraine are the cheapest cities in the world to buy a bottle of beer.

And as for the top 10 cheapest and the 10 most expensive just take a look at where you need to go below:

10 cheapest cities worldwide for beer (price per bottle)

1. Krakow, Poland - £1.07

2. Kiev, Ukraine - £1.07

3. Bratislava, Slovakia - £1.09

4. Malaga, Spain - £1.11

5. Delhi, India - £1.13

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - £1.15

7. Mexico City, Mexico - £1.26

8. Belgrade, Serbia - £1.27

9. Asunción, Paraguay - £1.28

10. Bangkok, Thailand - £1.36

10 most expensive cities worldwide for beer (price per bottle)

1. Geneva, Switzerland - £4.08

2. Hong Kong, China - £3.97

3. Tel Aviv, Israel - £3.73

4. Oslo, Norway - £3.42

5. New York, US - £3.36

6. Singapore - £3.31

7. Miami, US - £3.31

8. Helsinki, Finland - £3.16

9. Tokyo, Japan - £3.08

10. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – £3

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The latest annual report from the Cabinet Office Major Projects Authority (MPA) has just been released, which identifies 21, IT projects as having problems.

The report shows very little improvement on the 2014 figures when 23 IT based projects were flagged as Red or Red/Amber.

We are however particularly pleased to note that the Next Generation Outsourced Visa Services (NGOV) contract that was awarded to VFS (as one of the two successful suppliers) and for which Apta Consultancy provides VFS with subject matter expertise has received a Green rating.

How is a Green status defined:

Successful delivery of the project on time, budget and quality appears highly likely and there are no major outstanding issues that at this stage appear to threaten delivery significantly.

 About NGOV:

The NGOV project will ensure that UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) has contracted commercial partners to deliver Visa Application Centres and linked services including biometric enrolment, interviewing facilities and courier services to support the end to end visa process from 1 April 2014 and will enable UKVI to meet its obligations to secure the border, to provide good customer service in support of the UK Government’s growth agenda and to meet Spending Review obligations. 

 Looking to keep your project on the right track!

Good contract management will ensure that you deliver on time, on budget and to the exact specifications of the buyer. It will also ensure that the services or goods you supply remain fit for purpose for many years to come.

Protect your reputation and ensure the most successful outcome from every contract by using Apta Contract Management Services. Speak to our specialists today on 07505 672419 or use our contact form.

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Director of digital commercial programme for GDS Tony Singleton recently announced in a blog post that the current framework would be redesigned to the extent "that it will essentially be a new framework”.

So will this be a new framework, or will this simply be another renaming exercise across Whitehall for commercial and procurement services?

Digital technologies are transforming the way EU, member state government, and third countries manage immigration so this redesign might well provide for a fresh impetus for our e-borders?

Many we recall that the Home Office was recently sent back to the drawing board recently (following the e-Borders fiasco with Raytheon) in an attempt to find a new, digital approach!

This might also explain why the whole e-borders agenda has been somewhat quite of late, given that the Home Office did not really confirm to GDS its principles for agile projects.

Lets' watch this space, but this re-launch could potentially kickoff with a redesigned framework or several targeted frameworks for digital services starting perhaps with ‘Digital Borders’? Such an approach might win some hearts and minds back from Industry and give some real purpose, focus, and meaning for GDS to radically overhaul the digital services framework after such disappointing sales.

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